2016 Polaris Industries 800 Switchback® Assault® 144 Terrain Dominator LE


Polaris Industries
800 Switchback® Assault® 144 Terrain Dominator LE



The Limited Edition 800 Switchback® Assault® 144 Terrain Dominator Series sled includes:

• Custom Tri-Color Wrap w/Lime Squeeze Accents - Black Tunnel, Black Rail, Black Spindles, Black Ski Toes, as well as Lime Squeeze Fishbones & Springs

• 2.0” Series 4 Track

• Electric Start

• Polaris Interactive Digital Gauge

• Low Pro Defrost Bag

• Burandt Lock & Ride® Flyer Bag

• Ultimate Front Bumper

• Low Black Windshield & Handguards

Rider Balanced Control
  • 144" Uncoupled Skid: Tipped up rails and rail reinforcements give this Assault a more nimble feel on-trail and added durability. A 15" x 144" x 2.0 Series 4 Track for added flotation and off-trail performance.
  • Hybrid™ Running Boards: The term Crossover Technology applies here: part RUSH® and part RMK®. Trail-ready foot stirrups combine with wide running boards, ideal for sitting or stand-up riding. Fishbone tunnel reinforcements standard.
Unrivaled Acceleration
  • 800 Cleanfire® Engine: This liquid-cooled Cleanfire® engine with semi-direct injection (SDI) deliver outstanding throttle response and instant acceleration. These powerful, efficient engines produce the impressive power-to-weight ratios that deep snow riders demand. Cleanfire® engines start easily and reliably and they calibrate automatically as the temperature and elevation change. These engines deliver impressive fuel economy in real-world riding situations, which, for Polaris riders, means aggressive, up-tempo riding, not low-rev lab conditions.
Rider Centric Comfort
  • ProTaper® Bars: High-rise aluminum design and adjustable bar clamp creates an optimum riding position that can be tailored to your riding style. Bar hooks and race-style master cylinder round out the purpose-built controls.
  • Right Hand Controls: The throttle block and a separate kill switch perch can be positioned independently for improved ergos and ability to tailor your controls.
  • Interactive Digital Display: Another industry first for Polaris - the most advanced instrumentation in snowmobiling. This 4.3" high resolution, full color, LCD digital display provides a rider with information including: Sled performance: Speedometer, tachometer, dual tripmeters, & odometer; Sled operating conditions: Fuel level, oil temperature, diagnostics & maintenance warnings; Riding conditions: Air temperature, time of day; Bluetooth™ functionality: Enables the gauge to communicate with the rider’s cell phone and provide notification of incoming calls or texts.; GPS/Mapping Capability: A compass is standard, & full-featured GPS can be installed to provide directions & information about services such as fuel, restaurants, lodging & Polaris dealerships. This gauge comes standard on the 800 Switchback Assault 144 TD Series.
  • Walker Evans® Needle Shocks: Premium shocks with compression adjusters and remote reservoirs offer the best in tunability and fade-proof performance. Unique needle design uses hydraulic force at the end of the stroke to eliminate harsh bottoming.
  • Fuel Capacity (gal./L): 11.5 / 43.5
  • Overall Height (in./cm): 48 / 122
  • Overall Width (in./cm): 48 / 122
  • Ski Center Distance (in./cm): 42.5 / 108
  • Estimated Dry Weight (lb./kg): 460 / 209
  • Overall Length (in./cm): 126 / 320
Engine & Drivetrain
  • Disc Brake Type: Phantom, Hydraulic w/ LWT Disc and Cyclone Master Cylinder
  • Drive System Type: Chaincase
  • Drive/Driven Clutch: P-85 / TEAM® LWT
  • Exhaust: SC VES, Single
  • Fuel System: Cleanfire® Injection
  • Ignition: Digital CDI w/TPS, WTS, DET
  • Engine Type/Cooling: Liberty / Liquid
  • Cylinders-Displacement (cc): 2 - 795
  • Bore x Stroke (mm): 85 x 70
  • Front Shocks: Walker Evans® Piggyback Comp. Adj.
  • Front Suspension: PRO-RIDE®
  • Front Track Shock: Walker Evans® Piggyback Comp. Adj.
  • Front Travel (in./cm): 10 / 25.4
  • Rear Suspension: Switchback® 144 Tipped
  • Rear Track Shock: Walker Evans® Comp. Adj.
  • Rear Travel (in./cm): 15 / 38
  • Ski Type: PRO-STEER
  • Track Width/Length/Height (in.): 15 x 144 x 1.35 Cobra
  • 12v Outlet: Accessory
  • Color / Graphics: Black / Lime Squeeze
  • Electric Start: Standard
  • Fuel Gauge: Mechanical
  • Hand & Thumb Warmers: Std. Adjustable
  • Handlebar Hooks: Std. Adjustable
  • Mirrors: Accessory
  • Rear Rack / Tow Hitch: Accessory
  • Reverse: PERC®
  • Seat Support with Luggage: Accessory
  • Seat Type: Lightweight Freestyle
  • Security System: Option / Accessory
  • Speedometer: Digital MFD
  • Steering: ProTaper®
  • Tachometer: Digital MFD
  • Temp/Low Oil Light: Digital MFD
  • Windshield: RMK® Mid-Matte Black
Professional rider on a closed course. Polaris recommends that all snowmobile riders take a training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride.



Engine Type
795 cc
Bore x Stroke
85 x 70 mm
Engine Cooling
Cleanfire® Injection
Digital CDI w/TPS, WTS, DET
SC VES, Single


Brake Type
Phantom, Hydraulic w/ LWT Disc and Cyclone Master Cylinder
Drive Clutch
Driven Clutch


Front Suspension
Suspension: PRO-RIDE®; Shocks: Walker Evans® Piggyback Comp. Adj.
Front Travel
10 in. (25.4 cm)
Rear Suspension
Suspension: Switchback® 144 Tipped; Shocks: Walker Evans® Comp. Adj.
Rear Travel
15 in. (38 cm)
Ski Type
Ski Stance
42.5 in. (108 cm)
Track Type
Track Dimensions
15 x 144 x 1.35 in.


Digital MFD
Digital MFD
Fuel Capacity
11.5 gal. (43.5 L)
Dry Weight
460 lb. (209 kg)
RMK® Mid-Matte Black
Black / Lime Squeeze


Electric Start
Hand & Thumb Warmers
Std. Adjustable


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